Release that stale & stagnant Energy

Get embodied with trauma informed, certified breathwork facilitator, Victoria Cumberbatch

Breathwork is for you if:

check with your health provider if you've:

Cardiovascular disease

Heart attacks, high blood pressure, angina

Glaucoma or retinal detachment

Recent surgery

Prone to panic attacks or psychosis


Severe Mental Illness


Pregnant or breast feeding

Your Guide

victoria cumberbatch

Viki sitting on grass in a skirt, holding her heart and belly with both hands

I partner with humans like you to dust off your innate toolkit, course correct your compass, and thrive as the resilient, confident, capable person you've always had in you.

Don't believe My words, believe Theirs

Viki has an uncanny ability to understand how I’m feeling. I was terrified to try something new. Viki was gentle and compassionate as she created an opportunity for me discover for myself the importance of releasing emotions I didn’t realize were buried. Viki holds an intimate and safe space that creates powerful transformations through joy, tears, laughter, and heartache.

J. Abe

Non Profit Exec. Director

The breathwork session with Victoria was just the medicine I needed. I was feeling very stuck and heavy at the time, doubting myself and my inner power. Viki held such a beautiful space, her guidance through words and music helped me release so much, and come back to my essence, to my heart, to bliss. It was such a profound journey in my inner world and I'm extremely grateful to Viki for her magic!

L. Mladovena

Community Strategy Consultant

From the start, her vibrant energy and relatability as a woman of color created an immediate connection. Despite the virtual setting, Victoria's guidance made me feel safe and comfortable to explore breathwork, something I'd been curious about for a long time. Victoria not only expertly led the session but also prepared me for the experience ahead. The virtual format enhanced the sense of security, and the debrief provided valuable personal insights

L. M Rosenstein

CEO & Founder of Resilience Unlimited







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